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Ascent Navigator - A simplified platform for Data Center Operations Management and Data Center Infrastructure Management with all the horsepower behind it that you could possibly need to run your data center(s).

Customers look to Ascent for comprehensive, integrated services to support operations of both facilities critical infrastructure and IT infrastructure.

How Navigator Works

Data Center Operations Management (DCOM)

Our facility focused approach to managing critical systems equipment inventory, maintenance management and performance metrics. We know one solution does not fit all, especially when it comes operations management of critical environments. Ascent’s platform is flexible and can be tailored to your business, technical and financial requirements.

  • Asset Inventory
  • Document Management
  • Work & Ticketing Management
  • Maintenance Coordination & Support
  • Dispatch Center
  • Critical Event Management


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Our IT focused approach to managing servers, storage and virtual machines in an asset management platform with feature-rich capabilities like Auto-Discovery that collects detailed device specific data at the VM, IT and facility layers.

  • Power Management
  • Software Application Management
  • Monitoring & Alarm Notifications
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Agentless


Implementation & 24x7 Support

The Ascent Data Center Infrastructure Management team has the knowledge and skills to successfully implement your DCIM solution, the first time. During a DCIM deployment, the Ascent DCIM implementation team will provide software installation, configuration, integration and training. We offer a quick start (2-4 day) implementation for smaller installations and a full turnkey implementation for larger installations.

The Ascent 24/7 Support team can handle support requests via email, web or phone 24 hours a day. From simple “How do I” questions to complex integration and workflow designs, our support staff is here to help.

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