• Dynamic Data Center Suites
    Autonomous data centers within our facilities to meet your specific technical, organizational and operational requirements.
  • Build-To-Suit Data Centers
    Critical facilities designed and deployed in markets where you need to be
  • Engineers & Critical Facility Experts
    Engineers and critical infrastructure experts specializing in reliable, efficient and pragmatic operational solutions
  • Critical Infrastructure Management Services
    A platform of services, onsite staff, and web-enabled resources to complement mission critical operations.

Providing Dynamic Data Center Solutions

Ascent is a leading provider of solutions for the design, engineering, construction and operation of data centers and critical facilities. We partner with customers to solve technical, operational and financial challenges of running these facilities critical to our customers’ businesses - we do this by providing pragmatic solutions in keeping with reliability, efficiency and operational best practices.

Build-To-Suit Anywhere

Your Data Center, Built Your Way, Anywhere You Want.

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Data Center Developments

Why Ascent

We tailor our solutions and services to address your specific critical environment expectations. We think that with our core values and the following attributes, we are your most capable partner:

  • 24/7/365 involvement in data center operations and maintenance
  • Experienced engineers and operational specialists who offer unsurpassed technical knowledge garnered from mission critical facilities experience across the country and around the globe
  • Focus on reliability, efficiency and technological improvement
  • Our procurement skills and national buying agreements
  • Support of our 24/7 safe, secure Ascent Operations Center

Our Philosophy

Availability First

As your demand for information technology capabilities, data storage and general business continuity accelerates, so does the importance of your organization’s mission critical facilities. You can’t afford not to be up-and-running. We focus our strategies and solutions to enable your data centers to handle current or future challenges or provide the infrastructure services you need.

Complete Client Focus

We listen when you talk. Our goal is to always put you first. We focus on you and your organization’s needs. All aspects of our business support this. Everything we do is aligned to help us better understand and meet your organization’s unique needs.

Strive for Long-Term Productive Relationships

For us, it's about getting to know you and what you want to achieve. Then, we'll work together to build a strategy to help you get there. This is our approach. We can help you with a comprehensive strategy that drives real cost savings through carefully planned initiatives, or simply provide needed strategic consulting to help you develop the right strategy, plan or approach to solve a specific challenge.

Continuous Innovation and Creativity

We offer comprehensive solutions and services options that promote enhanced cost stability and helps reduce risk to our clients. We develop our services and strategies from best practices and in-depth practical experience managing and operating data centers and other mission critical facilities in a performance-oriented environment.

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